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Living with chronic pain stemming from a medical condition or injury seems hopeless at times, especially when the pain interferes with your productivity and enjoyment of life. At the offices of Vadim Kushnerik, MD, in Financial District and Midtown East, New York City, you can find numerous treatment options for your pain and get advice for home care strategies. To start on your personalized pain management plan, request an appointment with Dr. Kushnerik by phone or online today.

Pain Management Q & A

What is the goal of pain management?

Pain management is the discipline of medicine focused on helping you live with long-term pain or other forms of discomfort. While many types of pain are difficult or near-impossible to fully treat, pain management aims to minimize your pain and improve your mobility with procedures, medications, and lifestyle changes. 

Dr. Kushnerik is a pain management specialist who treats many types of pain. Your pain might arise from cancer, arthritis, an injury, nerve damage, or numerous other sources. In any case, he creates a multifaceted treatment strategy that works for you and your pain type.

How should I prepare for a pain management appointment?

If it’s your first time visiting Dr. Kushnerik for pain management, you sit down with him to discuss your pain, the cause, and any other symptoms associated with it. He asks about you and your family’s medical history and performs a physical exam to get an idea of your current state of health.

If you have them, you should bring past X-rays and other medical imaging studies related to your condition as well as a list of medications that you currently take.

What kinds of pain management procedures are available?

Dr. Kushnerik offers several procedures aimed at relieving your pain. He may start your treatment with conservative measures like home care, physical therapy, and nonprescription medications before progressing to treatments like these:

Radiofrequency therapy

Radiofrequency therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that delivers heat to the nerves at the source of your pain. The heat burns and disables the nerves, stopping them from sending pain signals to your brain.

Epidural injections

Epidural injections work against pain that originates in your spine. The injections contain an anti-inflammatory steroid that relieves inflammation and takes the pressure off of nearby nerves.

Trigger point injections

Dr. Kushnerik may recommend trigger point injections for pain or muscle tension. The injections contain a steroid that relaxes the muscles in a trigger point, or focused area of pain, and an anesthetic for immediate relief.

Regenerative medicine

Dr. Kushnerik uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections from your own blood to stimulate your body’s natural healing response around an injury and alleviate associated pain.

To further review pain management strategies and start on your personalized plan, call the offices of Vadim Kushnerik, MD, or book an appointment online today.